Wedding Dance Lessons in
Austin, Texas

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Wedding planning tip #27: Don't wait until the last minute to book your wedding dance lessons!

Your wedding dance is one of the most important parts of your wedding.  Just and your beloved, holding one another in a loving the middle of the dance a whole room of people with all eyes on YOU!

If the thought of it is anxiety producing enough then don't wait until the last minute to schedule your lessons. I suggest also giving up that momentary lapse of reason where you may also be telling yourself that you and your fiancé can just figure it out on your own, or throw something together real quick.  

Don't do it!  Instead, buy yourself a little peace of mind and book your wedding dance lessons at between 10-12 weeks prior to your wedding date.

Hire a Professional Wedding Dance Instructor

Hire only a trusted professional wedding dance instructor who has experience working with couples and choreographing specifically for weddings.   An experienced instructor will ask a lot of questions and the better ones will inquire about the space and dimensions of the dance area at your wedding venue. This ensures that your wedding dance uses the space appropriately and that you look good dancing in the space available.

Wedding Dance Lesson Packages

All packages include a site analysis and custom choreography


Let's Get it Started: 6 Lessons $580

The standard basic package.  A great way to get your wedding dance lessons started.  Additional hours may be added on a la carte for $95 per hour.


Going Strong: 10 lessons $900

A perfect package to ensure you feel confident and look great on the dance floor on your wedding day. Additional hours may be added on at a rate of $95 per hour.


Pie in the Sky: 12 Lessons, starting at $1025

For the outside the box wedding couple who have visions of mixing dance styles or creating something truly unique and a little bit funky for their wedding dance.  The sky is the limit with this package.  You dream it, I will help you create it. Thinking of a slow Waltz that busts out into a hip hop routine? Or fancy a romantic Fox Trot turned Bollywood beat?  Make it fun, make it memorable. Additional hours may be added on a la carte at a rate of $95 per hour.  


Frequently Asked Questions

How many lessons will we need?

How many dance lessons you will need depends on several factors: how quickly you and your partner learn, how much choreography is required to fill the length of the song you choose, and how many lessons you both need to feel confident and comfortable on the dance floor will all determine the number of lessons most appropriate for your situation.

The minimum amount necessary is 6 lessons with most couples average between 10-15.

What is included in a site analysis?

In a site analysis I will ask you for specific information about your wedding venue.  The dimensions of the dance floor, the type of material the floor will consist of (wood, tile, concrete), and the configuration of your audience.  This is critical so that we ensure your dance is custom tailored to fit in the space you have available.