There are Shortcuts to Happiness and Ballroom Dancing is One of Them!

Experience Ballroom Dancing in Austin, Texas
with Mark Moy Professional Dance Instruction

Why do you want to dance?

  •  You love going out to the clubs and want to learn some moves for social dancing. Check out my Group Classes.
  • You love the poetry and beauty of dance and want personalized instruction to improve your technique, skills and style. Private Lessons are geared toward your individual interests and goals.
  • You're looking to add some fun to your special event. My Workshops will make your bachelorette, reunion, birthday or anniversary party the talk of the town. Workshops are also perfect for corporate team building/wellness programs.
  • You're getting married and want to add style and flair to your wedding. My Wedding Packages will let you confidently step into the spotlight for your first dance or have your guests cheering and clapping with choreographed bridal party routines (Can you say “YouTube sensation”?).
  • You're ready to take your dancing to the next level and compete then My Dancesport package will bring out your inner champion.


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